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If you suffer with allergies you'll appreciate just how miserable life can be when they strike.

Avoiding outdoor activities, missing summer functions and barbeques and as for gardening, you dread the though of having to cut the grass or tend the flower beds.

There are other common allergies that some have to contend such as pet hair so no dogs or cats.

Encountering any of the above when you suffer with allergies makes life intolerable with itchy, runny eyes, a streaming nose and even shortness of breath.

Most of us turn to the traditional methods of allergy control such as nasal sprays and anti-histamine tablets but these too come with certain draw backs. 

If you forget to take your tablet well, that's a whole day or maybe two of sneezing and coughing and sprays are not much better.

So is there a better more reliable way to control these nightmare symptoms of allergies? YES THERE IS!

Although the NHS have stopped the use of Kenalog treatments it is widely used around the globe and considered by clinics as a safe and effective way to relieve the suffering of many of those that are unfortunate enough to suffer.

Kenalog is administered by a small injection taking no more that 10 minutes. The positive effects are usually seen by patients in around 2 to 4 days and in most cases will last around 8 months

On occasion it may be necessary for some allergy sufferers to have a second injection and thats it! 

The next step is for you to enjoy life without the sneezing, sniffing and streaming eyes and bin those tablets & sprays for good

"Itchy, runny eyes, a streaming nose and even shortness of breath".

Obțineți o consultație gratuită

Dacă doriți să ne vedeți pentru o consultație gratuită înainte de tratament, vă rugăm să furnizați informațiile de mai jos și vă vom contacta cât mai repede posibil.

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